23 Oct 2017

What To Look For When Choosing Forklifts For Hire?

by Dave

Once you’ve decided to pursue forklifts for hire, ensuring that you’ve chosen the right one for your needs can be a trying task. There can be a lot of deviation between models, so the more information you can gather about your application and specific needs, the better. By answering the following questions, rest assured that you will be able to reach a suitable decision:

1.What are your weight capacity requirements?

Different forklifts can safely carry different amounts of weight, which is why capacity should be one of the first things to consider when narrowing down your options. Keep in mind that irregularly shaped loads often mean that the machine needs to carry less weight to do so safely.

2.What are your height requirements?

Similarly, different forklifts also have the ability to reach different heights – never just assume that any machine will be able to reach the heights you need it to. Be sure to measure all potential heights before checking out each models’ lifting specifications.

3.Where will the machine be operated?

Forklifts can be driven on almost any type of terrain you can imagine, but it will need to be fitted with the right sort of tyres. Indoor tyres won’t handle an outdoor job in the same way that treaded pneumatic tyres will, so it’s important that you know your environment.

4.How will the machine be powered?

There are a handful of power sources available when it comes to forklifts for hire, but they can generally be separated into internal combustion engines or electric batteries. There are pros and cons to each – engines, for example, are quick and easy to refuel, whilst batteries are quieter.

5.What is your budget?

Hire might be far less expensive than purchasing a forklift outright, but the costs can add up (depending on the type of model you need and how long you need it for). Maintenance is often covered in the rental agreement, but operating costs are a separate expense.

6.How long do you need the machine for?

You will generally have a choice between short-term and long-term rental agreements, so knowing exactly how long you need the forklift can help you to get the best rate. Remember that inventory can be limited, particularly during peak times, so be sure to plan ahead.

7.How will you get the machine to your site?

It might seem like a silly question, but we guarantee that you will feel sillier if you fail to consider it. You’re not going to be able to drive the forklift from the supplier to your worksite, so decide whether they will deliver it or if you can send a truck.


We hope that your answers to the above questions have enabled you to choose the most suitable forklift for hire. If you are having trouble with any of these responses or you still need more guidance, ensure that you contact the team at Liftech – we’re always happy to help. We also have a wide range of rental models to choose from, ensuring your perfect match.