11 Apr 2018

Important Factors To Consider Before Getting Forklift Rental Services In Melbourne

by Dave
Factors To Consider Before Getting Forklift Rental Services

Forklift rental services in Melbourne are often the better option when the need for the machine is mostly seasonal. You might only require one for certain jobs, at certain times of year or to supplement your fleet during busy periods. Rental can also mean significantly lower upfront costs and the ability to plan consistent monthly expenditure.

Here is a rundown of 10 of the key factors that you should consider before signing up for such services:


Weight Capacity

How much weight will the forklift be required to lift and carry? You need to ensure that you haven’t obtained an undersized machine, but an oversized one could be just as detrimental.

Lift Height

You need a machine that is capable of reaching a certain height (based on the conditions of your worksite). It must also be capable of moving pre-determined weight loads to this height.

Work Conditions

Do you operate a warehouse or a lumberyard? Is your worksite indoors or outdoors? The environment will help you to make choices about the tyres, turning radius and aisle widths.


It is important to keep in mind that forklift rentals are not inexpensive. Many experts say you should be prepared to spend at least $100 per day on a standard model, more for a heavier one.

Length of Job

Do you need the forklift for a single day, a week, a month or even longer? The per-day cost is reduced when you rent for a longer period. You should also ask about overtime charges if the job runs over.


Be sure to examine the machine prior to accepting it, making note of any signs of damage. You will generally be charged extra for returning equipment that has been damaged.

Read the Contract

Ensure that you’re aware of, and agree with, all of the terms and conditions in the rental contract. Never sign on the dotted line without having first read and understood the document.


Whilst the supplier will generally insure the machine, you or your company will be responsible for covering any operators and the facility in case of injury or property damage during its use.


It is always best if the supplier can arrange for the forklift to be delivered to your site and unloaded. If they offer this service, ensure that it has been spelled out in the contract.


Look for one whose rental fleet is relatively new, clean and well maintained. Look for one who assures you that, if there’s a problem, they will be able to conduct repairs and offer a replacement.


If you are a company that needs quality forklifts on a short-term basis and/or want to evaluate machinery for possible purchase, forklift rental services in Melbourne could be just the solution. By taking each of the above factors in consideration before signing up for such a service, you can rest assured that you have made the best choice for your needs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you require assistance in your choice.