Forklift Hire Melbourne

When you need short term or long term forklift hire, choose a company who can supply you with quality machines that have been well cared for and that can be delivered in a timely fashion to your premises. Liftech ticks all of these boxes and more, so you can rest assured that we are company you can trust in. Please contact our expert team on 1300 425 438 for forklift rental in Melbourne

Our Machine Range
7.0 Roll Grab Forklift

7.0 Roll Grab

Transporting rolls of material is made easier than ever with this forklift. Suitable for rolls of varying diameters, it can turn them 360 degrees and is able to stack them up to 7.5 metres for your convenience.

battery electric 2.5 CB forklifts

2.5 CB Electric

Our battery electric 2.5 CB forklifts rental is fitted with non-marking cushion tyres, enabling you to use it indoors without risk of marking the floor. It’s also very maneuverable in tight spaces.

2.5 telehandler forklift for hire

2.5 Telehandler

Equipped with crab steer maneuverability, our telehandler hire can be fitted with your choice of tynes, bucket or even a crane jib. Use this machine to tackle rough terrain and reach over obstacles.

diesel forklift hire

6.0 Diesel

Our diesel forklift hire features a dual wheel wide carriage, allowing it to handle overly wide and bulky loads with ease. You will also be able to navigate uneven ground without issue. Long tynes are available.

4.0 LPG forklift

4.0 LPG

This automatic LPG forklift is perfectly suited to the timber and steel industries due to the fact that it can handle 4 ton loads. LPG not only means low emissions for your workplace, it means indoor and outdoor use.

3.0 Container Mast Forklift

3.0 Container Mast

Whether you need to work inside a shipping container or underneath mezzanine flooring, our 3.0 container mast model is ideal. With the ability to handle 3 ton pallets all day, you’ll have no problems.

2.5 Container Mast Forklift

2.5 Container Mast

Ever needed to operate a forklift inside a shipping container? When you’ve hired our most popular model, this is entirely possible! Our container mast models can be used indoors or outdoors as required.

2.5 LPG Forklift

2.5 LPG

Whether you need fork lift hire for the warehouse or the yard, this automatic LPG model could be just what you’ve been searching for. We can supply this model with varying mast heights and accessories.

1.75 LPG Forklift

1.75 LPG

Looking for a forklift for rent with a little more versatility? Try on this automatic LPG model for size! With the ability to use this machine indoors and outdoors, you’ll find that it’s also maneuverable in tight spaces.

battery electric forklift

1.2 Electric Reach

When you have narrow aisles and tight spaces to navigate, you cannot beat this battery electric forklift. It has an inbuilt 3ph charger and can perform a 360 degree turn in as little as 3 metres!

2.5 RT Forklift

2.5 RT Forklift

Got some rough terrain to navigate? This automatic diesel 4WD forklift can handle whatever terrain you throw at it, as well as being fully building site compliant for your peace of mind.